The barracks.
(circa 1950s)

rom our humble beginnings as a World War II military port of embarkation hospital, we have built a medical center and research institute that has continued to meet not only the needs of over two million people in southwestern Los Angeles County, but also the world. The face of Harbor continues to change along with the needs of our diverse and growing population. We should continue to reflect on the past and look to the future, and marvel at the ever-changing dynamics of our organizations.

   In looking back at our past, we can gain a preview of what is yet to come. If we were to predict the future, a certainty would be that change will come more rapidly. Delivery of health care will need to be streamlined, with more immediate access to data and patient-related information. Our customers will be more informed and better able to choose where they will receive their care. Technology will continue to advance exponentially and non-invasive interventions will continue to increase. Our organization will become more responsive to the needs of patients and staff. Knowledge to make sound decisions will be accessible to everyone. Public/private partnerships will also continue, and our patients will remain our partners in health care. More services will be provided in ambulatory care settings, and the acuity of our acute-care patients will continue to be high.

The Edward J. Foley Patient Care and Diagnostic Center
(PCDC) confirms our organizational mission of reaching
our community through increased access to our
ambulatory care services.

(circa 1990s)
   Health care organizations are facing their greatest challenges as present indications confirm that the above predictions will soon become a reality. Compounded with the social and economic challenges we presently face, it is imperative that we at Harbor-UCLA continue to look to the future and strategize our efforts so we can again celebrate our anniversary well into the next one hundred years.

   To succeed in the second millennium, teamwork and leadership will be essential attributes for all who work in health care. Additionally, our flexibility and the ability to adapt to change will be critical. The future holds many possibilities and opportunities. This is the time to celebrate 50 years of caring and embrace the future with optimism.